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jemck's Journal

All Over The Map
I'm a professional writer of fantasy novels and short stories, with the occasional foray into science-fiction and darker fantasy. So far my work's been translated into 13 languages!

My first novel, The Thief's Gamble, was published in January 1999, first of The Tales of Einarinn (five in all). Eastern Tide, my ninth book, concluded the four volume Aldabreshin Compass sequence in 2006. The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution trilogy consists of Irons in the Fire, published in the UK and the US 2009 - followed by Blood in the Water, and Banners in the Wind in 2010. I'm currently working on The Hadrumal Crisis trilogy, the first volume - Dangerous Waters - due out in the summer of 2011.

I'm part of The Write Fantastic, an authors' initiative to promote fantasy fiction, and the whole field of speculative fiction in general. So I'll be posting updates on my own work, on my colleagues' work and offering a few insights into the reality of life as a novelist.

Since I also work as a creative writing tutor from time to time, when something that interests me professionally catches my eye, I'll be commenting on wider bookselling and publishing issues.

My fellow writers tell me LJ's also an excellent way to develop a fuller relationship with fellow fans of favourite music, books, films and tv shows, so I'll be commenting on stuff like that, as the mood takes me. I review fantasy and sf for Albedo One as a contributing editor and for Interzone as one of their team of reviewers. I keep aiming to post additional quick reviews online but keep failing to get round to it. Must do better there.

I live in Oxfordshire, UK, with my husband, two sons and two cats, fitting in my writing around all of them, and vice versa.