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Let's hear it for SF&F magazines!

You recall me mentioning I had the honour to present the British Fantasy Society's Best Magazine Award at Fantasycon? (video footage of a whole lot of the awards here on the BFS site*)

I said at the time how much writers in other genres envy us our surviving magazine sector, and highlighted just a few of the good things we get from it; room for new writers to hone their skills, for established writers to try new things and all the news and reviews, all part of what makes us such a community.

Why, yes, I have a dog in this fight. Two in fact. Or one might say, a werewolf and a dog . I had great fun writing my Victorian 'creature-feature' story for Murky Depths. So I am absolutely delighted to learn that SFX magazine (always a good read) have made Murky Depths "fanzine of the month" with that very same Issue #9. That's three times now!

If you slide over to the Murky Depth's website you will currently find their very fine offer of the first eight issues for just £50, plus postage. Bargain, and hey, it's never to early to start thinking about Christmas#.

Also, there's 'Over To You', the Mike Carey writing competition, appearing in Issue #10 which ships in November. Entry is free but you'll need to read Mike Carey's story '"Now! And "Then!"', which appears in Issue #10. Tempting...just to read Mike's story.

My second canine? That would be Albedo One the Irish SF&F magazine, for which I write an extended/themed reviews column, in my newly minted capacity as contributing editor. The next one I'm planning, for early next year, will be on fantasy in translation. Very much looking forward to the research for that.

Is that it? By no means. If you want to know more about the wealth of magazines that our genre has to offer, slide on over to Semiprozine. Originally set up to counter moves to abolish the semi-prozine Hugo Award, this is now a brilliant resource for news, views and info on our independent 'zine sector.

Why am I mentioning all this here? Because today is Support Our Zines Day, an initiative kicked off by Damien G Walter, complete with its own Facebook event. Interested? Get involved!

*No, of course I haven't watched my bit. But kind friends tell me I don't look a twit. That'll suffice.

#yes, okay, 1st October is waaaay to early to be thinking about Christmas. 1st December is about right. But the Murky Depths offer is still a great deal!

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